Publications of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF)

Money Laundering and the Illegal Wildlife Trade (2020)

COVID-19-related Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Risks and Policy Responses (2020)

Guidance on Digital ID (2020)

Best Practices on Beneficial Ownership for Legal Persons (2019)

Money laundering and terrorist financing risks (2019)

Terrorist Financing Risk Assessment Guidance (2019)

Guidance on Transparency and Beneficial Ownership (2019)

Guidance for a Risk-Based Approach to Virtual Assets and Virtual Asset Service Providers (2019)

Guidance for a risk-based approach "Life insurance sector" (2018)

Financial flows from human trafficking (2018)

Professional money laundering (2018)

FATF president’s paper: Anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing for judges & prosecutors (2018)

Concealment of beneficial ownership (2018)

AML/CFT risks

Financing of recruitment for terrorist purposes (2018)

FATF guidance on counter proliferation financing “The implementation of financial provisions of united nations security council resolutions to counter the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction” (2018)

Consolidated FATF standards on information sharing (2017)

FATF guidance - private sector information sharing (2017)

FATF guidance on anti-money laundering and terrorist financing measures and financial inclusion (2017)

FATF guidance on correspondent banking services (2016)

FATF guidance on criminalising terrorist financing (Recommendation 5) (2016)

FATF report to the G20 beneficial ownership (2016)

Guidance for a risk-based approach “Money or value transfer services” (2016)

Terrorist financing in West and Central Africa (2016)

Money laundering through the physical transportation of cash (2015)

Money laundering/terrorist financing risks and vulnerabilities associated with gold (2015)

Emerging terrorist financing risks (2015)

Financing of the terrorist organisation Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) (2015)

AML/CFT-related data and statistics (2015)

Guidance for a risk-based approach on effective supervision and enforcement by AML/CFT supervisors of the financial sector and law enforcement (2015)

Best practices on combating the abuse of non-profit organisations (Recommendation 8) (2015)

Guidance for a risk-based approach “The banking sector” (2014)

FATF guidance on transparency and beneficial ownership (2014)

Financial flows linked to the production and trafficking of Afghan opiates (2014)

Risk of terrorist abuse in non-profit organisations (2014)

Virtual currencies key definitions and potential AML/CFT risks (2014)

National money laundering and terrorist financing risk assessment (2013)

International best practices: Targeted financial sanctions related to terrorism and terrorist financing (Recommendation 6) (2013)

FATF guidance “Politically exposed persons” (Recommendations 12 and 22) (2013)

Guidance for a risk-based approach: Prepaid cards, mobile payments and internet-based payment services (2013)

Money laundering and terrorist financing through trade in diamonds (2013)

The role of HAWALA and other similar service providers in money laundering and terrorist financing (2013)

Terrorist financing in West Africa (2013)

Money laundering and terrorist financing vulnerabilities of legal professionals (2013)

Money laundering and terrorist financing related to counterfeiting of currency (2013)

Best practices paper: The use of the FATF recommendations to combat corruption (2013)

Anti-money laundering and terrorist financing measures and financial inclusion (2013)

A reference guide and information note on the use of the FATF Recommendations to support the fight against corruption (2012)

Best practices on confiscation (Recommendations 4 and 38) and a framework for ongoing work on asset recovery (2012)

APG typology report on trade based money laundering (2012)

Illicit tobacco trade (2012)

Operational issues financial investigations guidance (2012)

Specific risk factors in laundering the proceeds of corruption - assistance to reporting institutions (2012)

Best practices paper on sharing among domestic competent authorities information related to the financing of proliferation (2012)

Laundering the proceeds of corruption (2011)

Organised maritime piracy and related kidnapping for ransom (2011)

Money laundering risks arising from trafficking in human beings and smuggling of migrants (2011)

Money laundering using trust and company service providers (2010)

Money laundering using new payment methods (2010)

Global money laundering & terrorist financing threat assessment (2010)

Money laundering through money remittance and currency exchange providers (2010)

Money laundering vulnerabilities of free trade zones (2010)

Money laundering and terrorist financing in the securities sector (2009)

Money laundering through the football sector (2009)

Vulnerabilities of casinos and gaming sector (2009)

Guidance on capacity building for mutual evaluations and implementation of the FATF standards within low capacity countries (2008)

Proliferation financing report (2008)

Money laundering & terrorist financing vulnerabilities of commercial websites and internet payment systems (2008)

Money laundering & terrorist financing risk assessment strategies (2008)

Terrorist financing (2008)

Money laundering & terrorist financing through the real estate sector (2007)

Laundering the proceeds of vat carousel fraud (2007)

The misuse of corporate vehicles, including trust and company service providers (2006)

Report on new payment methods (2006)

Trade based money laundering (2006)

Money laundering & terrorist financing typologies 2004-2005 (2005)

Report on money laundering typologies 2003-2004 (2002-2003)